We had a dream. A dream to build a bounce house. A bounce house so awesome in scale and content that you, your friends and your families would travel from far and wide to marvel at its awesomeness.

We dreamed of obstacle courses, foam pits, giant slides and basketball hoops. We dreamed of inflatable forests, inflatable boats and inflatable gorillas taller than apartment blocks all contained within the walls of our candy-colored castle. We dreamed of DJs spinning from a stage in the middle of all this, of massive sound-systems, confetti blasts, beach balls and all manner of thrilling entertainment happening around us as we bounced. And we dreamed that it was big. Really, really big…

So what did we do? We built the biggest bounce house in the whole wide world!!!



The Big Bounce America is 10,000 square feet of full-on inflatable fun. We’ve taken a 100ft by 100ft footprint and packed it full of the most crazy, action-packed entertainment you could imagine. With every bounce there’s a whole new experience to be shared and down every slide a new adventure for you, your friends and your family to be a part of.

We’ve worked alongside the biggest manufacturer of inflatable structures in the USA to create a thrilling and memorable event experience that appeals to families, teenagers and any adults who still remember how to find fun in bouncing and flopping around something big and inflatable.


This Is The World’s Biggest Bounce House

This is NOT your typical bounce house, this is NOT your typical day out! Within the walls of our massive structure we’ve worked hard to ensure that there’s never a dull moment.

We’ve created various ‘zones’, each with a theme and each with it’s own activity-based entertainment.

We’ve included an inflatable obstacle course for all you budding ninja warriors, there’s basketball hoops for those big-air slam dunks and we’ve built a giant slide that takes you outside the main structure into a massive domed ball-pit. There’s an inflatable forest, giant inflatable jungle animals (get them on Instagram!), inflatable cars, boats and four-poster beds for you to bounce around in and a special VIP section featuring a private foam-pit and chill out zone.


A Massive Bounce Party Like Nothing On Earth

Holding everything together, from the circular stage in the very center of the Big Bounce structure is our resident DJ/MC and his cast of interactive performers. Because while this is definitely a great activity, we also wanted to make it a great party that everyone can enjoy.

Your experience will play out to a soundtrack carefully curated by our DJ to reflect the audience at each of our sessions. Party-games, interactive fun, confetti blasts and free giveaways will all be central to the entertainment provided 

It’s 50% activity, 50% crazy dance party and 100% the biggest bounce house in America!


Can You Handle Even More Fun? Then We’ve Got it!

Around the perimeter of the Big Bounce structure we have numerous attractions set up for you to enjoy before and after your BB session. We’ve got even more inflatable attractions, we’ve got adventure and activity attractions and we’ve got a whole section dedicated to our amazing ‘BB’s Field Day Games’. This area will be marked out with white racing track lines and visitors will be encouraged by our resident MC and referee to take part in everything from sack races to three legged races, and wheelbarrow races to egg and spoon races. There’ll be pass-the-water games, lawn darts, corn-hole, swing-ball and various other outdoor classics from yesteryear. And best of all, participation is completely free! So put the cell-phones down, leave the tablets at home and get back to basics with some of theses old-school favorites.